Eunjin Bio grows with customers with new challenges and technologies

Manufacturer of feed additives in Korea

It is Eunjin Bio Co., Ltd., a solution partner

who grows with customers with new challenges and technologies.
Since its establishment in 1998, Eunjin Bio Co., Ltd. has been developing a variety of eco-friendly auxiliary feed and sweetener through constant research, believing that what animals eat and drink is what our family eventually eats.

As a result of our efforts for efficient livestock management, safe food, and healthy humanity, we are currently developing, producing, and supplying about 100 kinds of organic acids, probiotics, yeast, enzymes, natural extracts, protective fats, vitamins, and mineral primixes.

We developed the world’s first rice protein with the intention of providing optimal solution products by utilizing high-quality raw materials and contributed to the development of the livestock industry with the Ca-soap Bypass Fat patent process that can only be produced by Eunjin Bio Co., Ltd.
Not only in Korea, but also in Europe, Russia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and 10 other countries have been exported to receive a lot of trust and love.

We would like to thank all our customers for their generous support for Eunjin Bio Co., Ltd., and we will continue to be a strong partner who grows with our customers for a healthy future in which we think of animals and people together.

Our executives and employees will work hard as one to become Eunjin Bio Co., Ltd., which predicts the future, leads the way, and rewards customers with the best quality products by putting relationship and trust first.
From All employess of Eunjin Bio Co., Ltd.
Management Philosophy
A better future for animals and humans to live together.
  • Selected INNO-Biz(Technology innovative SMEs)
  • Selected as innovative growth type venture company by Venture Business Association
  • Selected as MAIN-BIZ management innovation small and medium-sized business.
  • Completed the extension of the vitamin and mineral production line.
  • Selected as a promising export small business
    by the Small and Medium Business Administration.
  • It signed industry-academic cooperation with Konkuk University in South Korea.
  • Get certification FAMI-QS
Plant Introduction
Eunjin Bio’s production facility considers product quality as the top priority
in line with FAMI-QS international quality standards.
Plant area
Annual production capacity
0 ton
Storage size
0 ton
Quality Management
We produce products that customers can trust through thorough and regular inspections through
cooperation with our own research facilities and external research facilities. In addition, when storing raw
materials, the temperature and humidity, expiration date, etc. are strictly observed.
What is FAMI-QS?
As the only animal feed global quality safety management system that complies with European laws and regulations, it is a certified standard for the manufacture of feed additives and premix products that guarantees the safety of feed and HACCP principles.
Total Quality Management (TQM)

Acquiring FAMI-QS
for the first time
in South Korea

Thorough inspection
when receiving and
storing raw materials

Quality control of raw materials and products in own facilities


Collaborate with external accredited research facilities

Production line
We have a total of 13 productions line(Automatic packaging line, protected fat production line, etc.).
Each production line is thoroughly separated by product line to prevent mixing and contamination of different products.
Eunjin Bio has obtained manufacturing certification that guarantees the quality and safety of its products,
including the global animal feed quality safety management system and HACCP principles.
We manufacture our products in compliance with strict standards from incoming and outgoing to follow-up management.
Eunjin Bio Product Research Institute studies the development of
feed additives for animal nutrition, disease, environment,
and feed efficiency based on excellent life science technology and collaboration with external research facilities.

Eunjin Bio’s own research technology


Collaboration with global feed companies

Signed MOU with university institutions

Self-analysis (microorganisms, organic acids, etc.)

Solution Research

Eunjin Bio Solution Research Center is constantly conducting research on domestic and foreign feed additives.
We are striving to understand customer needs and provide sustainable livestock industry and 1:1 customized solutions that are perfect for our customers.

Internal and external Marketing research

Product-related consultation and A/S


New product development research


Existing product improvement research

3F, 18, Yangjaecheon-ro 11-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
(Tel: +82-2-573-2101)